Electronic Guitar without Strings

Typical owners Kitaro will be studio musicians, DJs and performers of electronic and psychedelic mood music, the usual players and musicians are just obsessed with the idea to the creation, retrieval and transmission to others is really a new experience.
Kitaro - a new type of guitar. It is 100% digital, which allows guitarists to create a new wonderful world of electronic sound and expressiveness - on stage and in studio. With a built-in polyphonic synthesizer and a touch screen with multitouch, Kitaro allows guitarists to fully express their ideas and extend possibilities of electronic music. More after the break.

Retail price Kitaro in the U.S. will be 849 dollars, Kitaro special series will be worth 2,899 dollars. Kitaro is equipped with multifunction touch screen, MIDI interface and a polyphonic synthesizer with different effects. Worked to the smallest detail musicians for musicians Kitaro will allow musicians to find and create unlimited abundance of sounds.

What is the meaning of a Kitaro, Digital keyboards and percussion instruments have long been given musicians the new world of sounds. Digital guitar for a long time absent from this list, since the nature of the guitar makes it difficult to create and manage electronic sounds. Creating a Kitaro, Michael Zarimis, obsessed engineer and musician from Sydney, Australia, overcame this obstacle and allow guitarists to join the world of digital sound.

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