Coolest Water Slide at Bahamas

The Mayan Temple water slide in the Bahamas, a detailed replica of the Temple of Doom, is the ultimate ride for Indiana Jones-style thrillseekers,Thanks to an ingenious underwater passage, intrepid visitors can zoom through shark-infested waters The terrifying ride takes visitors down a steep chute before hurtling them through a tube surrounded by 14-foot-long nurse sharks and Caribbean Reef sharks, Aptly called The Leap of Faith, the terrifying ride is part of the Aquaventure, Paradise Island resort of the Bahamas. Vice President of Marine Operations, Mark Gsellman explained why the slide is so popular with the visitors to his resort. ...
'The Leap of Faith was built to provide guests with the ultimate experience. 

'No other slide compares to the exhilarating sensation and rush of adrenaline you're left with after going down the Leap of Faith.Tourists get a rare view up through the water from the imitation sea bed, 'The feeling of being dropped at a near perpendicular angle and flying past sharks is something you can't find anywhere else. 'The slide is called the Leap of Faith because the bottom of the slide is covered with a mist and cannot be seen, hence to drop down, it requires a true leap of faith.' Aquaventure is a vast 141-acre water park containing 7 million gallons of water, a mile-long river ride, and a choice of 12 pools. Alongside the life-size replica of a Mayan Temple, there is a 131-foot tall Power Tower, a 7-acre snorkeling lagoon, miles of white sand beaches and more.

The seaside paradise Aquaventure, which is one of the largest water parks in the world, also has a 131-foot tall Power Tower and a 7-acre snorkeling lagoon, 'People love the Leap of Faith and certainly go through a range of emotions,' said Mark. 'Guests are first and foremost very excited, but typically grow anxious as they wait for their turn. 'Nerves tend to kick in once guests realize they are up next, and after a few minutes of fear and giddy nervousness. 'Then they finally launch themselves down the slide and experience some of the most fun you can imagine. 'It's truly an exhilarating experience.' Is This The World's Coolest Water Slide.

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