Co working Space Feature - Rock climbing wall

Co working spaces are quickly becoming a mainstream scene for professionals, students, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to intermingle and brainstorm under one roof. The brooklyn boulders facility in somerville, massachusetts is a dynamic creative locale that takes the notion of shared work environments to the next level, combining community, fitness, extreme sporting and culture.
The exterior of the brooklyn boulders somerville, massachusetts location 

This massive venue synthesizes work and play, hosting a scopic range of athletic and recreational activities just beside the several lengthy tables made available for study and productivity. In fact, the collective office space accommodates stand-up desks with built-in pull-up bars and balance ball seats, which sit atop a towering, 40,000 sq. ft. rock climbing wall that wraps around the multi-level construction and scales to the ceiling.

The 40,000 sq. ft. wall fills the space 
Available for enthusiasts of all degrees, the indoor terrain is a main architectural component of the space and introduces group exercise lessons and communal classes to the interior landscape. Saunas, a yoga studio, rows of cardio fitness equipment and a weight room add a spectrum of physical activity to the multipurpose arena. local artistic attributes enrich the space throughout, as vibrantly colored graffiti art frescos the exposed walls.
The coworking space hosts physical fitness arenas, music events and art hand-painted on the walls

The towering rock wall is a main architectural component of the space

The shared work environment encourages physical participation to bring about creative stimulation 

Enthusiasts of all degrees of difficulty are encouraged to participate in the climbing wall 

Two climbers engage the terrain 

The rock climbing wall scales to the ceiling 

Tables and chairs allow for a professional work environment 

An gym equipment room is integrated into the coworking space 

Graffiti from local artists frescoes the exposed wall space  


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