10 Basic Inventions That Changed Lives

Imagine a life without all the inventions and technologies in the present.Some people tend to think that every invention is useless or a life without inventions can be pretty simple.But,do they realize that even the basic day to day necessities are actually small inventions that you don’t even notice.



Yes,a compass.This compass was found by China,which was then used by the marine transportation.You might think we never use a compass or such,but even your phones consist of the compass.There might not be much use nowadays,because of google maps and other navigation systems,but in the ancient times,it was one of the reliable sources.



The money that you are using every single day,is one of the most basic invention that you use in your everyday life.The Barter System was used by the people then.Barter System was the system where you exchange goods for goods.Later,countries started making “coins” out of brass,silver,gold and gave them a particular worth.Then again,China originated the idea of carrying a light weighted substance to exchange it for goods.



Even though fire is a natural phenomenon,the method of usage was found by the humans.Fire takes place in many events such as ceremonies,food preparation,to signal,agricultural rituals,to produce light and heat and also to be used as an weapon.



Electricity is a part of the human life in the present.When night falls,we need the electricity.During power cuts don’t we all wait eagerly for the electricity to come back?Imagine a life without it.It can be concluded that humans actually depend on electricity.


05.Light bulb

Light bulb is an essential need of the humans as well.CFL was a hit during the mid-80s but then the LEDs are the one capturing the market nowadays due to their less energy consumption and their usage period.


The fuel derivative of oil,gasoline is known as “gas” in the U.S and as “petrol” in other regions of the world.Petrol is an translucent liquid which is used to fuel the combustion engines.



Antibiotics are used for destroying the microbes which cause harm to the human body and to prevent the growth of such microbes.It boosts the white blood cells (leukocytes) to protect the body from foreign substances.



X-rays were formed by an accident during an experiment.X-ray is one of the biggest advancement in the medical history.Wilhelm Rontgen,who was testing whether cathode rays could pass through a certain substance observed a glow appearing from a nearby chemically coated screen.It was named X-rays because of their unknown nature.


09.Telephones and Mobile Phones

Alexander Graham Bell was the person to fulfill the desire of the people to communicate with long distances.The evolution of the phone continued and is till continuing.



Charles Babbage is known as the ‘The Father of Computer’, as he was the first ever person to invent a computer.The computers have evolved from being the size of a room to the size of our regular computers.Charles Babbage is the reason for the idea of MacBooks and PCs to form

These are some of the basic inventions of all the inventions that changed the human lives.There are more inventions and much more to be invented in the near future.

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