10 Deaths Caused by Food

Food is a part of our daily lives without which we cannot live.It not only gives strength for the body to survive,but it also brings joy to the people and brings families together.Such a positive vibe had also caused deaths.Would you believe that?

01.Baked to death

David Mayes and Ian Erickson were called in for maintenance on a bread baking oven which was 23 metre (75 ft) in length,in 1998.
 The oven had only been deactivated for 2 hours instead of the usual 12 hours,which meant the oven was steaming hot.Ian and David enter the oven to find that it was very hot,and since the conveyor belt couldn't be reversed,the men went through the oven of approximately 100 degree Celsius.After 17 minutes,Ian was able to get out of the oven with the help of the conveyor belt but David was stuck inside of the oven.He ended his life with severe burns in front of his coworkers.

02.Melted Chocolate

Mr.Vincent Smith Jr. was appointed at Lyons and Sons in Camden,which produces chocolate.He was appointed to add chocolate into the vat of melting chocolate,and into which he slipped and fell from the platform over the vat.He had been hit by one of the paddles in the vat which mixes the chocolate.It was too late by the time his coworkers pulled him out,and he was declared dead by being hit by a paddle and got pulled under the hot,melting chocolate.

03.Carrot Juiced

In 1974,Mr.Brown estimated that he should drink 3.8 litres of carrot juice daily to maintain a healthy diet.Ignoring the warning given by his doctor that his liver will be affected,he followed his diet for 10 days,taking about ten thousand times the recommended daily intake of Vitamin A.Soon after,Mr.Brown passed away,and when it was autopsied,the high intake of Vitamin A had caused liver failure.The carrot juice had also caused an orangish skin on Mr.Brown.

04.Squashed Beans

Mr.Segura worked for Kelly Bean Company until one day,the overhead conveyor belt used to transport beans into bulks,malfunctioned,which caused Mr.Segura to get trapped under the beans.Once his coworkers found that he had been trapped,they dug out Mr.Segura's body from a the 20ft bean mountain,but by the time they reached his body,Mr.Segura had passed away.

05.Water Poisoning

Drinking the adequate amount of water is very healthy,but drinking too much water can cause very serious problems.In 2007,Jennifer Strange participated in a "Hold your Wee for a Wii" competition where they would win a Wii if they drank a whole lot of bottle of water without going to the restroom.Mrs.Strange quit in second place when she was feeling ill,and later was found dead in her bathroom a few hours later after her participation in the competition.Her death was declared due to the intoxication of water.


In 2012,Mr.Melena was assigned to fix some chains inside a 11 metre long oven in Bumble Bee.One of his coworkers dumped 6 tons of tuna without knowing Mr.Melena was inside the oven.He was cooked inside the 130 degree Celcius with the tuna for two hours.Later his body was found and it came to their notice that Mr.Melena's car had been parked and he had still been inside the oven when the tuna was cooked.

07.Squashed by Dough

Mr.Ng Sew Kuang,the owner of Seng Confectionary,fell into the dough producing machine which had unfortunately been on.Sew Kuang was squashed to death by the force of the mixer.He was found when his employees recognized a weird smell coming from the floor where Sew Kuang worked during his last shift before death.

08.Highly Caffeinated 

In 2010,Natasha Harris loved Coca Cola.he consumed Coca Cola for a whole day in her daily life.According to estimation,she intakes about 10 litres of Coca Cola daily,which contained about 12 times the recommended sugar and 2 times the caffeine a human should intake.She passed away after showing severe symptoms of nausea,fatigue .etc.Not only did this affect Natasha but also her children,because eight of her children were born without tooth enamel.

09.Hot dogged Airway

12 year old,Noah Akers participated in a hot dog eating competition in 2010,where a candy prize would be given to whoever finished the hot dog covered in whipped cream.The hot dog blocked her airway and the medical assistants dislodged it,but Noah ended up dead after a few days at the hospital.

10.Whiskey Suicide

Mr.Ettles worked for Glenfiddich Distillery and had seemed normal at work after the day he celebrated his wife's birthday.Later that day,he climbed 16ft,jumped and drowned himself into the 15,000 litre whiskey tank.He was found dead by the time he was pulled out of the vat.It was declared,he died due to drowning in whiskey.

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