10 of the World's Most Dangerous Animals

You might have seen these animals,but did you know that they can be considered as one of the world's most dangerous aniamals?

01.Puffer Fish

Puffer fish's poison is about 1200x poisonous than cyanide for a human.The poison of one fish is enough to kill 30 humans and no antidote has been found yet.


Hippopotamuses are very aggressive.They have huge teeth and tusks to fight off threats.

03.Cone Snail 

Cone Snails are known for their venom,which causes paralysis.They are also know as "Cigarette" snail,because the time left when their venom start working,leaves the time period for one cigarrette.

04.Black Mamba

While there are poisonous snakes like the King Cobra,this snake is dangerous due to its speed.

05.Saltwater Crocodile

06.Golden Poisonous Dart Frog

This single 2 inch species has the venom enough to kill 10 grown men.


08.Cape Buffalo

09.Box Jellyfish

The sting of a box jellyfish is very venomous.

10.Tsetse Fly

This biting flies transmits dangerous parasites and diseases.

Did you learn anything new?Did you know that these small things can cause death?

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