10 Secret Instagram Hacks

The most common app among teenagers is Instagram,but did you know the tricks hidden in Instagram.Let's check out the 10 secret Instagram hacks.

01.More font colors in stories

Instagram has provided a few choices of colours for your font in stories,but sometimes they do not match your aesthetic.To obtain more than the provided few colours,you just have to hold your finger on one of the colour in the pallette,then voila,you get a whole rainbow of colours.

02.Use hashtags in stories

You can use hashtags in stories and turn them into the colour of the background.This makes your hashtags invisible,but your stories will have a great reach.

03.Add a Swipe Up link in stories

You have to be eligible to use the link function in stories.If you are,then you create your story and click on the chain icon on the top before posting your story.

04.Add a Preview of Your Post/Story

Select a photo on stories and tap the pen icon to select a color.After selecting the desired colour,hold on to your screen for a few seconds to let your screen be filled with the colour.Then use the eraser to erase the part of your picture which you want to show.

05.Manage your filters

You can change the order of your filters by clicking Manage at the end of your filter list.

06.Change the Stickers

You can change the colour and style of your sticker by tapping on them.

07.Add your posts to collections

This is not a hidden feature,but you can add your posts to your collection and let people view them.

08.Add a thumbnail for Instagram videos

In the top right corner,a pencil icon can be seen.Click on it and select "Edit video".You can see 10 thumbnail options,select the desired one and click 'save'.

09.Turn on notifications for your favourite person

Go to the person's profile,of whose notifications you wish to receive.Click on the arrow on the follow button,and click on "Notifications" and turn on the notifications of which you'd like to receive.

10.Use Rainbow effect

To type in a rainbow or ombre on the text in stories,you have to select your text and obtain the rainbow pallette from hack number 1.Then you scroll your selected text from right to left also while scrolling the colours down in the pallette.If you follow correctly,you'll end up with a rainbow or ombre effect on your font.

Did you know all of the hacks?Hope you use all of these tricks and hacks if you didn't know them.

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