15 Funny Things We Did As Kids

We have done so many things when we were kids,but there are some very funny things also to what we can relate.Check if you had done these as kids.

01.Tried to push down every colour together in this pen

02.Stabbed the soul of your eraser

03.Put a pin through your skin for no reason at all

04.Turned off the light and ran at top speed into your bed,before the devil comes

05.Always drew the sun of our paintings in one of the top corners

06.Pretended to smoke using a pencil

07.Drew on the condensation formed on the window of a vehicle,when it was raining outside.

08.Poured any drink into the cap of the bottle and thought it was a shot

09.Poured glue in your hand,let it dry and peeled it off.

10.Drank juice out of a wine glass

11.Played way too hard on the swings,that the poles start to move and try to come out.

12.Stuck your pencil through the holes in the ruler to spin the ruler.

13.Drew birds like this

14.Opening your eyes every two seconds in the shower,because you felt like the demon was watching you

15.Forced two magnets to connect with the same pole,even though they will never connect according to science.

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