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    20 Logos with Secret Hidden Meanings

    Did you know that the logos of  well known brands are not just logos?There is mostly a hidden meaning.So here are 20 logos with secret meanings.Let’s see if you already knew these hidden meanings or symbols.


    01.Le Tour de France

    The yellow circle of the logo represents the front wheel of a bicycle.The R of the word tour doubles as a cyclist,while the O of tour represents the back wheel.


    Did you see it yet?If you didn’t,then check the gap between the E and X.It looks like an arrow.It represents their speed and accuracy of delivery.

    03.Baskin Robins

    The logo of Baskin Robins represents the number of flavors they have.The part of B and R represented by pink gives a picture of 31.The reason for that is because,no matter what season it is,they always have 31 flavors related to the season.


    The mountain of the logo is not a random design.If you see very carefully,you will notice a bear.Because,Toblerone is made in Switzerland,which is also known as the city of bears.


    Did you know Toyota’s tiny logo has the letters of Toyota in it?Yes,the logo can spell the word Toyota.


    Notice where the arrow points.It’s to represent that they have items from A to Z


    The logo of pinterest is represented by a pin.You may ask why does pin and pinterest make sense…It’s because the app pinterest is to allow viewers to “pin” certain items of their interest.


    The LSO spells out London Symphony Orcherstra.Of course,the logo doesn’t end as quickly.It shows the illustrations of an orcherstra conductor.


    The G and I are made to look like they have been cute sharply at the top if you notice properly.It is to represent their really strong and sharp razor.


    The blue parts of the BMW represent the sky,while the white represents a propeller.


    Notice the G at the bottom…Now look at the face at the top.They are both the same.

    12.Hersheys Kisses

    You can see in the gap between K and I,a kiss….A Hershey’s Kiss..

    13.San Diego Zoo

    The O’s of zoo are designed to be seen like paws.

    14.The guild of food writers

    You might notice the spoon in between the tips of the pen.


    There is a salsa sauce of I,and the T’s of which the I stands in the middle,look like two people enjoying the season.


    The U of Unilever seems to be filled with nonsense,but actually it represents different aspects of their business.

    Eg: Lips for the beauty and taste

           Recycle symbol for their sustainability


    The white part in between the colours represents a peacock.It is to show that NBC is proud of what they telecast and why.


    You might be wearing beats,but the beats logo is wearing it too.The logo is a person wearing beats,who is viewed sideways.


    The L acts a nose while the G is the remainder of the face.The dot is considered to be the eye.It is a person,a happy one,to denote their customer satisfaction.


    The logo of Continental may seem very normal at first glance.Try a second or a third,you may see the C and O tightened together.Now check for the last time,you’ll see a tyre formed by the placement of O inside of C.


    Did you know all the meanings?Or did you learn something new today?I am sure,the next time you go out and see these logos,you’ll remember the meaning.

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