25 Words You Didn't Know That Exists

You might be a teacher or a professor,maybe even a student,but there is a very high possibility that you didn't know these 25 words even existed,because no one could know every single word in the world.Hats off,if you knew them already,else let's learn it together.

01.Cognominated : To give a nickname

02.Archimime : A chief buffoon or jester who attends funerals and impersonate the deceased ones

03.Dercury : A body of ten men

04.Callipygian : An architectural term used to describe figures of classical statues and artwork

05.Orphic : Mystic,Oracular

06.Hippanthropy : Mental delusion that you turned into a horse

07.Combi : Machine which has two or more uses

08.Etui : Small,ornamental case mostly used to hold needles

09.Instauration : Renovation

10.Legerity : Agility of mind or body

11.Marmoreal : Made of marble

12.Parvenu : Someone who suddenly acquired wealth or position beyond his birth or worth.

13.Rapacious : Being greedy to possess money or things

14.Solecism : Grammatical construction

15.Zoomorphic : Having the form of an animal 

16.Tesselate : To form mosaic pattern 

17.Termagant : A woman who is considered quarrelsome 

18.Unctuous : Insincerely earnest

19.Batrachomyomach : Pointless argument 

20.Hoplocrism : A form of medicine by which the weapon or tool that caused a wound,would be treated and anointed in the same way as the wound 

21.Lant : Aged urine which was preserved for medicinal purposes

22.Sooterkin : A monstrous part-human creature said to be given birth to by Dutch women who sat on stove tops to keep warm

23.Spanghew : To hurl violently into the air

24.Tyrotoxism : Poisoned cheese

25.Parsimonious : A person who is very unwilling to use his resources

Hope you learnt something new today.

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