Best of Accidental Camouflages

Camouflage, the disguising of something to blend in with their environment, but when they are not done on purpose, they can be quite surprising.

Here are some of the best accidental camouflages that were caught on camera.

1. Doggo wanted to be a bear for a change.

2. No one is going to know if a sandwich goes missing, or if it doesn't too.

3. He who has been decapitated. 

4. First a headless man, now an unbodied woman. 

5. It is almost as if the milk does not exist in the mug.

6. I shall call it, the tail hybrid.

7. Understanding nature taken to the next level.

8. Imagine spending days trying to find your remote.

9. When your lovebird loves mangoes.

10. A cat? Where? 

11. Oh no. The chair, it's broken.

12. Can you find it? (Hint : Search for a cat)

13. Guess you cannot forget your room numbers.

14. Took a few looks to understand eh?

15. When your bed starts purring.

16. Mommy look, an avocado hatched.

17. Comrades, alert, a spy is hidden among us.

18. The sky and I match today.

19. Hope the popcorn does not taste like the ground too.

20. Beware of grounds taking over your feet people.

21. Spiders are scary, especially ones you cannot see.

22. That is the reason that they haven't been sold out yet.

23. What a little bit of a car polish could do.

24. Tell me when you spot the little one.

25. I have become one with the tree.

Hope some of these made you smile or look twice. If you spot a camouflage in your everyday life, make sure to snap a picture.

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